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Giner Dapena Law provides legal representation and counseling in all areas of Employment Law and Civil and Commercial Law, among other practice areas covered by our strategic network of partners.

The Firm actively counsels and litigates on behalf of clients in Puerto Rico, Illinois and Federal courts, administrative forums and private arbitration.

We Make the difference

Our Law Firm structure is designed to establish direct and personal contact with our clients, creating strong business and trust bonds.  At the same time, efficient operational foundations translate into competitive fees.  Accordingly, our clients receive top quality and personalized legal services at a fraction of the cost of traditional law firms.

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With a 22 year successful legal career, on September 1, 2017, Pedro E. Giner Dapena begun his new professional expansion period by embarking fully on his own Law Firm – Giner Dapena Law.   Two weeks later, Puerto Rico was hit by hurricane María, which would change Puerto Rico’s history forever.  Just like Puerto Rico, Giner Dapena Law was not stopped either, becoming a hurricane strong and resilient Firm with an unbreakable ethos and goal of providing excellent legal services before, during, and after any legal storm.

Our Services

Giner Dapena Law gives its clients top quality legal services at a very competitive rate in comparison to similarly situated law firms and attorneys.


Our Mission

To be your legal guide for avoiding legal issues, and your defender when they arise.

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We aim to become not just a service provider, but your business partner. We provide our services in Puerto Rico and Chicago

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